Finding Joy.

Finding Joy!

What if I could give you a simple method for becoming more joyful in your life?
What if this method could also help you in obtaining the life that you desire?
Would you be interested?

Would you be willing to practice this simple method daily? If you knew that it is research based and found to be extremely effective for those people who truly want to bring joy into their lives?

I know that for some it is hard to believe that joy can be easily achieved. Our thoughts tend to go toward the negative, to fear and doubt. Defaulting to the negative is a habit that is created when we are young. It is a form of protection that we adopt because it feels like it is keeping us safe from danger and disappointment.

What is the simple method? It is appreciation. It is being grateful for what is. It is using that gratefulness to help you approach challenges with better clarity. Let me assure you that this is not about ignoring what is happening in your life today. It is equipping you with more clarity so you can deal with what is going on in your world more easily and more effectively. Negative thoughts create constriction in your body and in your brain so that the emotional, reactive part of your brain takes over. This is great if you are being chased by a tiger, but is not really effective if you are trying to address a relational issue with a partner. Bringing in more joy actually creates expansion in your body and in your mind and allows the emotional reactive brain to relax so that the rational part of your brain can do its job. Make sense?

An example of how appreciation can help…. You wake up in the morning and the house is a disaster. You are feeling tight inside about ready to scream at the family for making it so hard for you, but then you look outside and see that it is a beautiful day and you have just enough time to either get a cup of coffee and go outside and enjoy the day before work or you can remain angry and create a lot of energy cleaning and yelling. Which choice has the best chance of preparing you for a work day filled with clarity and accomplishment?

Imagine this situation or a similar one that you have experienced in your life. As you think of yourself in the situation, feel the difference in your body between the angry and resentful feelings that can come up and then practice being grateful and experience the expansive openness that being appreciative brings. In which situation is your body feeling stress and your mind numb and in which state do you feel more in control and able to address the situation with clarity?

You are able to make more informed and effective choices and experience smoother, less complicated transitions when you have clarity of thought and are less stressed. Besides that being calmer and less tense is better for your health and you feel happier!!!

Using appreciative techniques in coaching actually expands your mind by releasing the tension that confusion, anxiety and fear create. Your mind is better able to problem solve, think more clearly and create new ideas.

Besides using appreciative coaching techniques in individual coaching sessions I also facilitate monthly workshops that consist of (4) weekly group meetings. Why weekly groups? To make a change you will need to not only change your behavior but also your beliefs about your ability to change. Ongoing weekly homework that involves making small changes and testing them out in your environment, emailing check-ins for accountability, and receiving weekly support from others brings together the proven tools for successful and permanent change. Long lasting change comes from practicing and living the steps to the change you want while receiving encouragement and helpful feedback.

These groups are offered virtually by phone. And for those living in the Central Oregon area they are offered on-sight in Bend Oregon.

Finding Joy by Living an Appreciative Life

The definition of appreciation is the recognition and enjoyment of the good qualities of something or someone. Participants in similar workshop groups all over the United States are finding that a by-product of being appreciative is that they become happier, healthier and more joyful. This workshop is set up in four sections. It takes participants through the history of Appreciative Inquiry and the research that proves that appreciation improves one’s personal relationships, their health and their work performance. Participants are given hands on experience and homework that extends their experiences with appreciation. Participants are invited to look at appreciation as a practice that blends well with meditation and mindfulness. All are paths to a more joyful and peaceful life.

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For more information or to sign up for a workshop please contact me at or call 541-390-3174.

Cost for a monthly workshop is $100.00 for four 1 ½ hour meetings.