Postponed- A Day of Intuitive Creating May 12th – new date TBA


Celebrate Spring! Join us for a fun and creative day. NO ART EXPERIENCE NEEDED!  The act of spontaneously and intuitively creating expands our minds and shifts our perspective on life. It is fun and relaxing and releases the tightness and stress in our mind and body.  It allows the creative talents we are born with to come alive.

Join us for a fun day of  Intuitive Collaging and Painting at the Sagebrushers’ Art Gallery and Studio in Bend, Oregon. From 9:00 am to 2:00 pm.

FOR ALL LEVELS OF ART EXPERIENCE. All art materials included.


Questions? Contact Vicki at or 541-390-3174

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.In this one day workshop we will use  intuitive painting, collage, and writing to create innovative and original work. We will enter into the creative flow and allow  our creative self to come out to play. It is through play that we can let go of creative blocks, comparisons, and self-doubt. Using our intuiton to create not only strengthens our relationship with our intuition but also strengthens our creative skills. Creating is so much more fun and innovative when you can let go of trying to make something specific and let your intution take over.  There will be lots of collage materials that you can play with.

Also when we create intuitively we are allowing our intuition to speak to us in images, color and metaphors These messages come from a place deeper than our consciousness. We can discover more about ourselves through creating intuitively…

The workshop will be at the Sagebrushers Art Gallery, in Bend Oregon from 9am to 2pm

.All art materials will be provided including a paint shirt.

We will break 30 minutes for lunch, Snacks, coffee and tea will be provided.

The following is an outline of  events during the Workshop.

~First we will clear our heads and relax our bodies with meditation and relaxation exercises

~Second we will clear up the cobwebs even further with wild and fun Intuitive/spontaneous drawing and painting

~Then we will collage intuitively using less of our analytical mind and more of our senses and feelings. By letting go of our thoughts we will enter inot the flow of creating.

We start by exploring, gathering, seeking materials that we are drawn to. We will continue to rely on our senses as we intuitively begin to place items onto our board.  We become more tactile and visual as we use our senses to discover what placement “feels right”. We find ourselves automatically altering,  layering and elaborating the pieces on our collage without thinking about it. You will be expressing yourself by creating an unique and original work of art.

~At the end you will have time to journal your process and what you learned about yourself. Then we will have a time of sharing.

Join us! Spontaeous creating  is so much fun and you will be amazed by how much you will learn abouut yourself during the process.

If you want to contact me for more information or want to enroll directly rather than through PayPal you can email me at or call me at 541-390-3174.




  1. ” The intuitive collaging makes me expand, go further, trust my inner knowing” ~Ricky

  2. “I was able to connect with my soul and reveal my authentic self. It’s ok to let my feelings come up and give myself love for healing or positively changing. Life, nor I , are perfect. It was like having a self-counseling session, knowing I have the answers already within myself.”~ participant

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