Starting a new year is a time for turning.
Turning around and reflecting
Turning inward and revealing insight
Turning forward and imagining
At this time of year we take time to reflect on our lives and create goals that will make us be better or feel better. Did you know that  for every goal you make there are experiences or feelings that you want that are attached to that goal?
Recognizing this can change the outcome of your goals. When stating your goals try stating the experiences or feelings you want instead. This will not only give you a more accurate idea of what it is you really want but will open up more ways with which you can achieve your goal.
For instance, if you want to make more money, is it the money you want? Or is it the freedom to live your life the way you want really what you are looking for? If it is the freedom then you will be not be looking at jobs or projects that will restrict you from having that freedom. Imagine having a job that will give you the freedom you want rather than a job that just pays better. What would that look like? Would that feel like? Are there more ways that that can be achieved?
Here are some questions you might ask yourself when deciding on what it is you really want in the New Year.
What has the greatest meaning for me personally?
What will fulfill me?
What gives me the most energy when I am thinking about it or doing it?
When do I feel at ease?
What excites me?
What gives me joy?
What do I want to put my energy into?
For me what I want is to feel like I make a difference. My way of doing that is by creating experiences that empower women to become more creative and to listen to their own internal wisdom.
Thank you for being on this journey with me.
Have a great time imagining what your new year will look and feel like!!