My Path and Why I Coach

Vicki Johnson, Life and Wellness Coach in Central OregonProfessionally I am a certified Life and Wellness Coach. I have a master’s degree in Counseling and 22 years of experience as a Mental Health Therapist.

At 63 I left the mental health field. Like so many others I have made choices in my life that at the time seemed to be necessary in order to live a happy and secure lifestyle. But one morning I  woke up to a very strong realization. Literally, I just sat up in my bed one morning and I realized I could no longer keep doing what I was doing. It just no longer made any sense. At the time I was in a demanding and stressful job, I had been yo-yo dieting all my life and I wasn’t healthy both physically and emotionally. I realized that I had to change my life. I thought if not now then when?

Changing my life meant changing how I lived and most importantly how I thought. As I changed my beliefs I began to catch myself whenever I started participating in any old unhealthy behaviors. I changed my eating habits. I began walking. I lost the weight, but most importantly I have kept it off by continuing to be aware of my emotional needs and my beliefs about food. Then I decided it was time to leave my stressful job and move into an easier and simpler lifestyle. Changing the way I thought and becoming more appreciative of all the great things that are in my life has made all the difference in the way I live now. I move easily through life and I feel the freedom that appreciation brings.

I have learned firsthand the value of changing our thoughts and how it can change lives. I love my work because I help people wake up to who they really are and to what is possible. Using my clients’ personal strengths and values I help them to discover their more authentic self and to realize their true potential. My clients gain a new perspective of what is possible and together we design a realistic plan to achieve their goals. I love watching as clients realize that they have the skills and ability to step into their dream. I am living my dream. I opened myself up to possibility and I feel like I am overflowing in abundance. We each have our own path to wholeness and wellness. I would love to help you find your own path and live the life you desire just as I have.


“Looking back over all my correspondence with Vicki, I am so thankful that I found her. When I started working with her, my goal was becoming a better businesswoman. And in working with Vicki, I’ve not only become a better businesswoman. I’ve become a happier person.”


The Kinds of Clients that Come to Me


I coach people who are in transition. They are moving away from or into a marriage, a relationship, a lifestyle, a career, a stage in their lives. They want to discover what is next for them or how to make the transition a smooth one.


Some clients want more balance in their lives. They want to find more joy in their lives. They want to perform better at work, get better organized. They may have a strained relationship with money that needs to be cleared up. one.


Clients come to me when they want to get healthy and feel lighter and freer. They want to let go of excess weight both physically and emotionally.


Many of my clients want more meaning in their lives. They want to make a difference. They need help finding the inner guidance that will open the way to a more meaningful life.


My clients want to bring more creativity and innovation into their lives. They may want to create something new or finish a project. They may be an artist who is blocked in some way.

How I Coach

The following is a description of how I work with people in coaching. Coaching is a relational process. That said I also would like to say that coaching is a very fluid and creative process that changes according to the needs of the client.

I listen.

I listen to you and I hear your hopes and dreams, your concerns and fears. I listen for what motivates you, what excites you, and where you have been successful before. I also listen for conclusions, assumptions, self-talk and assumptions that may be blocking you from getting what you want. Together we explore the resources that you have available to you that will enable you to move past any barriers and achieve your goals.

I ask powerful questions.

I ask you the questions that when speaking the answers you become more deeply aware of where you are right now and what goals are of the upmost importance to you. In answering the questions you are participating in a courageous conversation that will enlighten you. Questions will bring you to the present moment. You will dare to see your real self. You will learn what inner work you must do to be your real self consistently in your life. You will discover what is limiting you from taking action. You will see yourself moving forward towards your goals.

You and I are equal.

Together we go deeper into your story to find what thoughts and beliefs are keeping you from achieving your goals. As a coach I make requests of you. I share ideas, suggestions, and intuitive questions that may be helpful in facilitating your ongoing forward momentum. I cheer you on to see your own strengths, help you overcome your self-doubt, and accept yourself as a person of strength and competence. I hold the space for you to dare to risk and to make real and lasting change.

“The path to your goal is yours. I am on the path with you to help you overcome what obstacles you might encounter and to make sure you stay focused on your goal. You decide what that path looks like and where it is leads.”