The Joy of Creating!

The Creative Experience 


The mission of the Creative Expereince is to provide experiences that promote self-expression, self-exploration, and self-healing in a supportive and safe enviornment. Unless specified all classes and workshops are for everyone no matter what your art experience is. 

Allow Your Intuition to Flow

Creativity and intuiton are interdependant. When acting intuitively your energy flows freely throughout your body giving you the energy and strength to act from your creative source.

Intuition is a deep knowing and a feeling of flow. It is knowing what to do without thinking about it. It creates a connection with something deeper and beyond thought and it often overrides your fears. When you are acting from intuition you feel inspired, you know it is right. You are in the flow and you feel fulfilled.

Intuition only tells us what to do now in the present. If we do not use our thoughts we do not bring in the past or future but stay present in the moment. This brings freedom and the ability to be innovative and to act outside any box we may have constructed in reaction to our perceptions of our past or future

Intuitive Painting is process painting rather than painting with a finished product in mind. In process painting our mind takes a back seat to our heart (feelings) and our gut (intuition). This frees us up to paint what we sense or feel like painting. We approach a blank canvas with no preconceived ideas. Guided by our intuition we paint from our own innate creative source. This is where innovation and inspiration come from.

Because this process is not goal oriented we can more easily let go of the critical part of ourselves. We keep painting intuitively, move through the blocks, and experience creating from our own innate creative source. You walk away with a better sense of your intuition and your own unique creative style. You feel empowered and more confident.

“If I create from the Heart nearly everything works- If I create from the Head almost nothing.”

Marc Chagall


“Relying on my intuitive sense gives my work its natural and unique qualities, revealing the soul of my work. Through my choices others can see through their eyes what I have seen through my eyes.”

Eric M. Davis