Find What is Calling You Through Intuitive Collage November 17th


This  Intuitive Collage Workshop is on Sunday November 17th. We will meet from 9 am to 2 pm. With a half hour break for lunch. The workshop is at the  Sagebrusher’s Art Gallery in Bend, Oregon. $69 covers all art materials.


What is that nagging feeling about? What is calling you?  What is your real purpose? What is your next step? These are powerful questions that our programmed mind often races to answer. But what if the answer comes from a place much deeper? An answer that has personal meaning that reflects your unique values and needs.  This workshop will help you bypass your culturally programmed mind and allow  you to get in touch with your own  inner intuitive wisdom.

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“What is calling me?” is a powerful question. To be “Called”  feels like your soul is asking something from you. It can occur within many different contexts depending upon where you are in your life. It may feel like: “What is pulling me? What is my next step? Why am I feeling so restless? Who am I meant to be? What will fill this hole inside of me?”

Our tools will be  Visualization,  Intuitive Painting, Intuitive Collaging, and Introspective Journaling. Spontaneous creating allows us to be free from our programmed mind. It allows us to hear, sense,and witness  our inner wisdom.  We find answers that come from our authentic self.

All art materials will be provided.


For more information contact Vicki at 541-390-3174 or


  1. “I was able to dig in a bit and do some inner soul searching. So important to me at this time in life. Vicki created an open and inviting space that allowed 7 strangers to comfortably share some of our truths.” ~Participant

  2. The things I gained:”I experienced the pulling from within at an intuitive level with the support of others. Trusting the process. Seeing the learning unfold over days when looking back at the work I had sone.”~ Sandy

  3. “I had surprising insights about myself. More trust in both intuitive as well as the creative process.” ~Betsy

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