The Intuitive Painting Classes are cancelled until further notice due to the Health Crisis

Playing with paint without knowing where we are going allows our mind to let go. During the Intuitive Painting Process our intuition and creativity are released to flow through us freely onto our painting. Intuitive Painting strengthens our creative and intuitive abilities.


On the third Wednesday evening of the month from 6 – 8:15 pm.

At Sagebrushers Art Gallery Located  in Bend, Oregon.

Cost: $25 includes all art materials

You can find more information below.


Intuitive painting is painting freely without a product in mind. It allows you to experience the joy of painting like a child without judgments or expectations. You experience the process of creating and learn to move through your blocks. It increases your creative and innovative skills and leads to self-awareness.

Spontaneous creating generates
self-awareness, joy, and self-healing.

The classes are on the third Wednesday Evening of each month. You can come to as many of the ongoing monthly classes as you wish. Each class stands on it’s own. The more classes you attend the more using your intuition will become a habit. Space is limited so you must register for each of the classes you want to attend before coming.

“The Intuitive painting classes have helped me tremendously. They have given me the confidence to trust that what I put down on the canvas is representative of my own true self-expression. The intuitive painting process has allowed me to express myself freely without self-judgment.” -Patti, Artist
Do you prefer to register for class over the phone? No problem! Give me a call at 541-390-3174.


  1. Vicki Johnson

    “My experience was freeing and fun!! I was able to stay in the moment, moving from fast to slow, and busy to relaxed, frenzy to peaceful. From covering to uncovering to discovering.”~ Suzanne

  2. Vicki Johnson

    “The process of painting tonight was fun. It started out complicated then evolved into scraping the paint out to reveal what was underneath. Very Exciting!”~ Liz

  3. Vicki Johnson

    “I was guided by the rhythm of my hand moving the brush. And by the discovery of the colors showing up as the brush touched the paper.” ~ Alicia

  4. Vicki Johnson

    “I learned that I want to be free to breathe. That I am stuck in my head a lot. I was able to not be worried about how my painting looked. I loved the freedom just to be!” ~Geneieve

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