The Heroine’s Journey Within – Postponed


This event is for women who are striving for deeper self-knowledge and to recover the parts of themselves that they have not been able to express. This workshop will cover the first steps in the Heroines Journey Within. In the complete Heroine’s Journey the heroine goes within to discover her true self that has been hidden. She brings back to the outside world a new self-awareness and self-confidence. And she begins to live a more authentic life and find her her own unique path into the world.

We start at 9 am finish at 4:30 pm. All materials are provided.


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Who we are at our core has been hidden over the years by social expectations and conditioning. So much so that we do not recognize who we are as individuals. So our perspective of what we want is skewed to accommodate others. That is why we need to discover who we really are before we decide what it is we really want. This will also be an opportunity to join the Heroine’s Journey  Women’s Support Group

This is the first part of a series of workshops on the Heroines Journey Within using Expressive Art, story, and journaling . To start a successful Journey you must gather your personal strengths, values, talents, and dreams. They are your compass and lantern that will direct you and light your way to a more authentic life.  The Heroines Journey Within is a map for women who are on a quest to go within to discover the essence of who they are and what they truly want their life to look like. Some of the tools we will be using along the Journey are story, visualization, reflective writing, and different forms of expressive art as we journey from the conditional life we are living now into a life that is more authentically us.

What is a Heroine’s Journey?

In general, the difference between a hero’s journey and a heroine’s journey is that one is a journey outside of oneself and the other is a journey within the self.  In the Hero’s Journey, the hero is focused on strengthening his skills to do something that needs to be done out in the world. To bravely conquer his fears and save his world. It is an external quest.

In the Heroine’s Journey, the heroine is looking for self-knowledge and fulfillment. She wants to find her gifts and live a life in harmony with her true nature. She is journeying within to discover that part of herself that she has not been able to express.

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All materials are included . There will be a break for lunch at noon. You may bring a lunch or go out. Tea and snacks will be available.


  1. Vicki Johnson

    ” The intuitive collaging makes me expand, go further, trust my inner knowing” ~Ricky

  2. Vicki Johnson

    “I was able to connect with my soul and reveal my authentic self. It’s ok to let my feelings come up and give myself love for healing or positively changing. Life, nor I , are perfect. It was like having a self-counseling session, knowing I have the answers already within myself.”~ participant

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