What are you afraid of and what are you curious about? This duality between curiosity and fear affects how we live our lives. The fear of the unknown and the curiosity that we have about it has shaped our evolution.

Whether  we are in a transition, seeking to know more about ourselves, making a life decision, or creating something new, we often go through a period where we experience fear. Fear can  come to us in the form of confusion, anxiety, feeling blocked, stuck, or other self-limiting emotions. These emotions are often caused by some self-limiting belief you are holding. We all have them and we all have experienced some fear around anything new or unknown.

Curiosity can actually expand your mind and allow it to do it’s work. Ask questions starting with: “What if? or, I wonder if….? This releases the rigidness of fear.

Think about something you are afraid of… Then become curious about it. Let’s say you are afraid of spiders (or you can put any personal fear in here). Imagine you are watching a spider walking on the floor towards you. Now ask yourself, “I wonder if it really knows where it is going?” “What if I put a pencil in front of it, would it go around it?” Do you feel a shift in your body? Has the fear subsided a bit?

Intuitive Art Making Releases Fear

 During the process of spontaneous/intuitive creating we are not focused on a product or technique. We create without thought and that sets us up to be free to create like a child, free from judgments or comparisons. We create original art that comes from our creative self.  This freedom from what is known to be the right way to do things puts us into the unknown. To create without expectations tends to bring up fear and resistance arising from our old beliefs about ourselves and our ability to express ourselves through creativity. Often  beliefs of: “I am not good enough.”, ” I am not enough” “What will people think about my art?”. “My art does not look good enough.” come up.  These beliefs  probably started in our childhood and  have influenced in some way  how we have lived our lives.

When we are creating spontaneously with no specific product in mind and no one to judge us, we can address these old beliefs and emotions with curious questions such as:  “What if no one but me will see the art , how would I create it?”, “Where do I sense the painting is needing something?” “If I were four years old what would I do next?” “What pulls me in?” ” What am I drawn to?” Can you sense the freedom that you would feel? There is joy in expressing yourself without judgement and fear. It boosts your self-confidence and affects how you live your life.

That is why people return  to the Intuitive Painting and Collage classes. It is a practice designed to strengthen your ability to believe in yourself.