Over the summer while researching for a book, I discovered the world of The Heroine’s Journey. In general, the difference between a hero’s journey and a heroine’s journey is that one is a journey outside of oneself and the other is a journey within the self.  In the Hero’s Journey, the hero is focused on strengthening his skills to do something that needs to be done out in the world. To bravely conquer his fears and save his world. It is an external quest.

In the Heroine’s Journey, the heroine is looking for self-knowledge and fulfillment. She wants to find her gifts and live a life in harmony with her true nature. She is journeying within to discover that part of herself she has not been able to express before.

I really relate to the Heroine’s Journey. The difference between the hero’s and the heroine’s reflect the struggle I have had between doing and being. I was raised to not waste my time just being because doing will get me somewhere. But without being, creating cannot exist. Without daydreaming, contemplating or intuiting, all of the parts of my personality that I was told were not productive, new ideas do not float to the surface.

I have always known that I have a hidden part of me that was considered not useful or smart. At least that was what I perceived others thought. As I delve into the history of the feminine, I realize I am not alone. For centuries we have been held back by cultural expectations. We have had to sacrifice our right to create in ways we want to create. To give up being the dreamers and innovators that we are.  To have the chance to be who we want to be.

Even though I have heard this before and known it for years I really did not own it. I am just realizing that I continue to feel a need to conform to what is expected. And I continue to block some of the best of me. The creative feminine side of me that makes me unique and more creative.

So that is my journey now. To complete my book even though it continues to morph into something more because that is who I am. To continue to run workshops and classes that help women get in touch with their creative intuitive wisdom. And to uncover more of my own inner wisdom and creative power. Awareness is the first step toward self-acceptance. Sharing with others our struggles is next.

So join me on this journey and discover more about who you are and support other women in their becoming more of who they are.