“Let yourself be silently drawn by the stronger pull of what you really love.”~ Rumi


What is Life Coaching?

I refer to my form of Life Coaching as Transformational Life Coaching. Transformational Life Coaching is a positive, self-actualizing process that helps clients achieve what they are seeking. It recognizes a client’s worth and potential. It is not about looking into the past but moving forward. Clients learn to focus on possibilities rather than limitations. And they learn that when they make different choices they will experience a different life. Often once a client starts the coaching process and begins to make changes he or she discovers that they can reach even more profound goals than they first imagined.

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How is Transformational Life Coaching different from other coaching programs?

Transformational Life Coaching is more focused on being different rather than just doing differently. Research shows that lasting change comes from the inside out.

During the coaching process you become awake to the true sense of who you are. You realize your strengths and what you really value. You design your goals in alignment with your values, needs, and your authentic self. You discover what unconscious thoughts and beliefs have kept you tied into the habitual patterns that have blocked you from achieving your goals. You are able to release your blocks and develop new practices that will get you to the place you want to be.

Why Transformational Life Coaching Works

Most people come to coaching because they want to make changes in their lives. What happens is once they change their beliefs about themselves their life changes. Inner change is the theme of the hero’s journey and many auto-biographies and movies. We are drawn to these stories because it is what we want for ourselves. We want and need to get back into balance. We want to find out who we were before life happened to us. We want to have a life that feels free and light.

The following is an explanation of how we lose and then find our true sense of who we are and what we want for ourselves. It comes from not only my own personal experience and my research in change but is an universal theme in the people I have worked with as a therapist and as a coach.

We indentify ourselves from deeply held beliefs that first began evolving when we were young. From those deeply held beliefs we arrive at assumptions and create certain perspectives about ourselves and our lives. Our beliefs are powerful. Beliefs can create how we live and how we feel about ourselves. They are often created early in our lives to protect us from a perceived threat. Beliefs are not solid organic permanent substances and they can and are manipulated by outside sources such as early childhood messages or very persuasive commercial marketing. Because most of our beliefs came originally from our perception of what we thought was real, what we found kept us safe, these beliefs may no longer be true. In fact they may be what is blocking us from achieving what we want in life.

So then if our beliefs are blocking us, why can’t we change the false or unproductive beliefs that keep us from achieving what we want? After all if they are not solid organic permanent substances and we created them in the first place, why can’t we let them go? It seems that it is very difficult to let go of deeply held beliefs especially about ourselves because they are often lodged deeply in our unconscious.

A majority of the time we think that our beliefs about ourselves and our life are protecting us and we hold onto them tightly until something happens that catches our rational overly protective mind off guard. At that point a part of us that has been pushed aside wakes up and says, “Wait a minute this is not me, this is not my path.” That is when the shift starts to happen. A shift happens when we experience tension between what we had thought was true and what we now realize may not be.

People come into Life Coaching when they realize that their lives have become out of balance, that they have lost sight of what is important to them. They come in because they feel an internal urge to regain their balance and live differently. It might be that there are emotional and physical signals telling them that their health is becoming compromised. Or they notice that their personal relationships and work are being affected negatively.

The shift happens when a client feels dissatisfied in some way. They come in when they get a gut or intuitive hunch that they cannot ignore about something in their life that runs against what they had previously believed but forgot. Intuition is our bodies telling us something. When our mind gets so confused by what is happening around us it can be easily manipulated into believing that we are what we are being told we are. Our gut is telling us something different.

Answers and directions are sometimes not easily found. The source of balance is within our entire being. Most of us have separated our rational brain from the rest of our body. We live by what we think and what we think has been created from our personal perceptions of what it is. Not what actually is. Most of us have become so detached from our bodies and our hearts that we cannot recognize when it is telling us something. As a coach I listen and I hear my clients and I ask them powerful and intuitive questions. I help them learn how to listen deeply to themselves by giving them tools. With this new awareness they can make their changes from a place of being that is authentic. They feel more powerfully and intrinsically motivated to change their beliefs. They then can make the behavior changes they want and become who they want to be.

Contact me now to get your free 25 minute introductory coaching session. Call 541-390-3174 or email me at coachvickijohnson@gmail.com.

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